On Demand Transit Insurance
For Cash, Gold & Valuables

The Problem

Insuring Transit of cash, gold & valuables is typically very difficult and costly. Many insurers consider it a non-preferred risk.

Risk of robbery is high

Risk deterrence is low

No transparency for Insurers

The Solution

The InsurTech solution is created by integrating on-demand insurance, high security bags and smart mobile technology.

Live tracking of Transit

Controlled access of goods

High Security bags

Benefits of Jaguar Transit

This InsurTech solution has applications only limited to one’s imagination.

  • Reduces overall transit cost by 40%
  • Reduces time & admin effort
  • Creates new opportunities in logistics
  • Reduces upfront cost with pay-per-use

How Jaguar Transit Works

The seamless ecosystem is fitted with various state of the art technology and yet kept super simple to use.

Step 1

Request for Transit Insurance by stating the type of goods, value amount, and the frequency of trips. We will send you a suitable security bag.

Step 2

Upon receiving the security bag, you will be able to lock the valuables in the bag, and you can dispatch it via your chosen delivery option.

Step 3

Once the bag reaches your recipient, you will be notified and will be able to grant access for the bag to be opened accordingly. The Insurance trip is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to deliver cash, gold/ valuables I am keen to be a distributor I own a logistics/security company I am an Investor

How much is the cost of this insurance?

The cost of each transit insurance is determined by the type of goods, amount of value, duration of the lease (per trip or annual) and risk factors. This is continuously reviewed by algorithms to ensure that the risk and resources are treated fairly.

How fast can I get the bags?

Depending on the availability and your location, you will get it within 3 days.

Which countries do you operate in?

Currently we operate in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We are opening up in Thailand shortly.

What documents do you need so that you insure us?

You must be a registered company and have the legal permit to operate the business. You must have the necessary proof of amount and ownership of assets that you are transporting. It is important that you also have evidence of sales or purchase document justifying the transit of goods.

What stage of funding are you guys in?

Glad to be asked this question. We have raised funds at seed stage and are looking forward to raising more to scale up further. The COVID situation allows us to grow further and faster with the right investors, mentors, and partners, hence we are certainly keen to discuss further.

What amount are you raising?

We certainly can share with you the details once the NDA has been signed. Let us explore further.

What kind of support are you guys looking at to scale further?

We are looking at smart money. Investors who have large distribution networks, and with experience and knowledge on scalability.

Tell us about your team?

JA Secure is an offshoot from JA Assure group. JA Assure has been in the insurance business since 1999. JA Assure has market leadership and expertise in insuring valuables, cash and gold in this region.

JA Secure has 9 core members, each coming with their own strength that adds tremendous value to the team. Our team is made up of passionate and cool people from the insurance, corporate finance, logistics, engineering and technology and data science fields.

How do I sign up? What are the criteria?

We are always in the lookout for credible distribution partners. If you have a track record of distribution, it will greatly help. If you are familiar with jewelers, money services, logistics or security companies, it will help.

If you have the passion and zest in our business model, get in touch with us. Let us explore.

Is there any exclusivity for any country distributorship?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sign exclusive distributors as of now. Do reach out to us with your proposal, we can assure you that there is a huge market and will guide you accordingly.

Do I have to take care of maintenance and support of these bags?

We have a team of very hands-on technical experts, who will handle the maintenance and support in most ASEAN countries. Let us discuss further depending on the market.

Do I need an insurance broker license to distribute this solution in my country?

We have a great partner in JA Assure who is an international broker and Liberty Mutual who is a global Insurance leader who will work their magic to handle the insurance in most countries. Hence, you may not need an insurance brokerage license.

But having an insurance brokerage is certainly an advantage, especially if you are into a preferred market segment. Let us explore.

How can this solution improve my business?

Logistics and security companies that wants to transport banknotes, gold and valuables are required to spend a lot in investments before they can start expanding their business. These investments are made so that you can acquire Insurance. Clients would not trust secure logistics companies that doesn’t have insurance.

Jaguar Transit solution allows you to deploy our bags for your trips that requires lesser security set comparatively, saving you the upfront investments in heavy security set up.

Deploying the solution as and when you have a business order, allows you to enjoy the pay-as-use transit insurance and saves you from paying hefty amount for upfront insurance costs.

Any limitation on the amount that we can carry?

We have security requirements that you will need to meet according to the sum assured that you want to transport. We can allow limits up to USD2million for qualified companies.

What security set up is required to carry large amounts of cash & valuables?

Depending on the type of goods, locality and the amount you want to carry, we may have a requirement for bullet-proof vehicles, armed guards and additional manpower.

Can we do a trial and which countries do you operate in?

Currently we operate in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We are opening up in Thailand shortly.

We don’t allow for trials as all our bags are insured for real trips. Nevertheless, you can deploy the bag for a single trip usage (less than 3 hours) with a minimal value for you to get familiar.

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We are certified as a Singapore InsurTech provider by the Singapore Fintech Association.

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